Hide Invisibles / Hebrew

The invisibles for Hebrew are wrong. See picture. How can I get the same result as e.g German?

Could you please send me a sample document containing Hebrew, and let me know if I need a specific font installed to see it, to mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com, so that I can take a look at this?


should be in the Inbox and the font is Lucida Grande.

any news on that?

This is still on my list but I haven’t been able to fix it yet, even after spending some time on it. The trouble is that invisible characters are added by overriding the OS X text system, but there seems to be no public methods for determining their location in a right-to-left system. It is still on the list, though, as I say, hopefully for the next update.

All the best,

any updates about this. seems not to be solved in 2.4

It’s fixed for right-to-left text in 2.4:

I’m a little confused about the text in your sample document, though, as the Hebrew text is left-aligned rather than being over on the right. If it uses right-to-left direction, the invisibles will look correct. Could you please tell me what formatting the Hebrew text is using to look like that? I don’t know Hebrew, so could you please walk me through how you create that text? I had thought the right-to-left fix would address this, but obviously not.


Hi Keith

quite simple

I change the keyboard/language to Hebrew (Qwerty) and then start typing.

I tried in the settings all possibilities: Natural and RTL same behavior.

I did some further test:

I have the impression, that older files are not “respecting” you changes in the code.
For new texts, it seems to work, if I first change the settings to RTL and then start typing.

I think, it should also work for natural, because I have no hebrew exclusive docs. I mix between German
and Hebrew.