Hide Previews of Content


in some instances (e. g., index cards and bookmarks in a quick reference window) there is a preview of the content. For Index Cards, this content appears in the synopsis appears, unless there is a synopsis. In the Quick Reference window, the fist two lines of the content of texts appears below the title of the bookmarks.

Is it possible to hide this preview? I couldn’t find anything in the preferences about it.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Marko,

No, there’s no way to turn those previews off in the areas that show them. Is there a reason you want to?

All the best,

Thanks for the reply!

In the case of the Quick Reference window, it doesn’t really matter.

For the index cards, however, it makes it hard for me to quickly find the files that dont have a synopsis, as I mainly use the index cards for structuring and planning. It would help me if the index cards would only show the synopsis or nothing if there is no synopsis.

EDIT: This is also true for the iOS version

In either macOS or iOS, enter a carriage return in the opening synopsis field. Better?

The preview text is always a light grey as opposed to the black that is used for cards that have content, so it should be easy to distinguish this way.

As a workaround, yes.

Well, yes. On my iPad, that kind of works. Still not as good as an empty index card, though.

But on my MacBook Air (non-retina, 5 year-old display) the difference is not as noticable. I guess the contrast isn’t as hich as it used to be. (I tried my best with the display calibration, but without special hardware, I think it’s as good as it gets.)

Maybe, if the complexity isn’t too great, you might consider adding an option for it in a future update?

Another tool you can use—add an Inline Annotation* to the document opening line. It can be as short as a single character in length.

*Side note—because of iDevice limitations, iOS Scrivener itself is necessarily limited as compared to desktop versions. IA’s versatility is especially appreciated there, in example, using them as searchable ’tags’.