Hide .scriv extension in the appliaction window bar

Something very small, but I really hate it g
Right at the top of the window there’s “filename.scriv - textname”
Would it be possible to hide the .scriv-extension?
I think it just looks better. Noone really needs to know the file ending (its always the same, after all).

My guess would be that this is a system-wide setting that isn’t easy to change for a specific application…

I see Keith has already changed this in the new beta.

You got your wish!

Yeah, strike!
Or, as Lighning McQueen would express it: Kachow!!! :slight_smile:

Why would you want to quote Lightning McQueen? It’s enough having to see Cars a gazillion times, read the storybook, see the toys (yeah, my kid likes Cars) without having it quoted at you here! :smiley:

And yeah, I took your suggestion and got rid of the .scriv bit. Nice, aren’t I?


I’d give my left two lug nuts for a program like Scrivener!

…psssttt!! Kh
"left two lug nuts" :confused: ??

“I don’ know nuffin’ ‘bout birfin’ no programs, Miss Scarlett!” – Butterfly McQueen

Yeah, you’re really nice :slight_smile:

By the way: I don’t like Cars, I love Cars. The funny bit: I’m not even remotely interested in real cars - but the movie is great :slight_smile: All Pixar movies are great, except Finding Nemo. Why search for that fish? I think it’s fine that he’s missing g

EDIT: disneyfrontier.com/2007/01/0 … -cars-car/

But still I see the .scriv in my window???

They’re talking about the 1.12 beta from the Beta Testing forum.