Hide Scrivener

As I’m not a “real” mac person, can someone please tell me why I can’t “Hide Scrivener” (using Apple H) - as the option is always greyed out (or so it seems).

I’m sure I’ve been able to do it in the past. But there’s obviously some secret mac thing (there always is) that I’m not doing. As long as it doesn’t involve aprons, goats or gaffer tape, can someone please explain?

Try selecting something in the Binder, either a folder or an item, and then the Hide command. I just tried it, and it worked for me.

You may also “park” an active window on the Dock by clicking the yellow button in the upper left corner of that window. It’s equivalent to the Minimize command in Windows.

In both cases, click on the application icon in the Dock to bring the active window back.

Thanks druid.

Nothing was working (except the yellow park button) so I restarted the laptop (the windows solution). It’s working now. Perhaps it was a resources “thing”.

Usually when this happens, it’s because you’ve accidentally clicked on “Hide others” on that same menu. If you do that, all other apps, including the Desktop technically, are hidden and you can’t hide the only active window, hence the greying-out. Click on the desktop to ‘unhide’ it, click on the Scrivener window and it should work normally.

Mind you, I have found that there are certain, as yet unidentified circumstances, under which a couple of apps, GyazMail for one, won’t hide, even when the button is apparently active.