Hide Spelling in Composition and Speech Options

Is there a way to hide the underlining and spellchecking in composition mode, to further reduce distractions? I vaguely remember that was possible but I am not sure anymore.

Also, my Text to Speech in Scrivener uses a German voice and I don’t know how to change the options so that it uses a different voice, speed, etc.

Thank you for your help and see you soon!

You can make the undeline the exact same color as the background in the Composition Mode. [File > Options > Appearance > Textual Marks > Colors > Spell Check Underline]. Or you could turn Spelling off altogether. [File > Options > Corrections > Spelling > Check spelling as you type].

[Edit > Speech > Settings] has the options for Voice, Volume, Rate, Pitch, etc. Do you want a German voice or a different language? You set the Language there as well.

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