I use a PC program through Parallels on my Mac called PaintShop Pro (photo editor). It is much like Photoshop but I’m told not as good (and not as expensive :smiley: ).

Anyway, there are layers, each layer’s visibility can be turned off to view the whole photo with or without that layer.

I am, well for me… working on a rather long article. Needing to cut it down a bit I have split it into numerous related documents, however, to read the whole thing in ‘the Scrivenings view’ I have to keep dragging documents in and out to see how the whole reads without certain parts in it. It would be nice if, as Photoshop and Paintshop Pro I could simply click an icon on the layer/document to hide it from appearing in Scrivenings view. Save me dragging documents in and out of drafts then forgetting the place they originally were positioned.

In Christ, Karl.

You can do this, essentially. Instead of dragging and dropping, select in the binder all the documents you want to view, then set it for a Scrivenings session. Now when you want to “hide” one of the documents, just deselect it in the binder (cmd-click). It will disappear from the view, but your others will remain. To put it back in, just cmd-click it again–it will go to the spot it belongs.

Fantastic… simple too, thanks for that.

In Christ, Karl.