Hiding binder should resize window

Hi there,

Is there any way to ask Scrivener to resize the window when hiding the Binder (for example, like the behaviour in the new Pages 5.0 app)? In other words, my preference would be that hiding/showing the Binder does not alter the width of the editing area.

Thank you very much.


Personally, I hide the binder and inspector precisely so I can increase the editor width.

But have you considered using the saved layout feature with a keyboard shortcut? If you set up two custom layouts with the editor staying the same width with / without the binder / inspector etc, you could do what you want to do. Would take a minute’s setting up to get right but afterwards, it’s just a keystroke to toggle between them.

Thanks for the advice - it’s a great idea. Actually, I didn’t know that Scrivener had a saved layout feature, but that doesn’t surprise me as there is a great deal about this program that I don’t know, despite being a daily user for a number of years now.

I will experiment with some saved layouts. Thanks again for the tip.

Another option is to set the “Default editor width” in the Editor section of Scrivener->Preferences. You can start with the binder visible, and press the “Use Current” button to get the precise width of the editor before hiding the binder, or you can manually set it even narrower if you like.