Hiding Character count in Editor

Is there a way to hide the character count when you are actually writing? It shows up with the word count on the bottom of the editor screen. In both regular mode and full screen mode.

It’s really tripping me up when I look down to see my word count.

What is the purpose of characters anyway? I am curious as to its purpose.

You can hide the footer entirely, by toggling View > Layout > Footer View, but there’s not currently a way to display only the word count and not the character count. This is something we’re looking at adding in the future, however.

The purpose is the same as the word count; some submission formats/styles use a character count rather than a word count. And then there’s always the option of serializing your novel on Twitter… :mrgreen:

Think about someone who writes a novel as one long word with no breaks or punctuation (very unlikely, but there are some weird avant-garde authors out there). Word count would say the story is only one word long, but the character count could be in the thousands. Word count algorithms and counters aren’t intuitive, they only do what they’re programmed to do.