Hiding Scrivener Tutorial

Is there a way to hide the Scrivener tutorial? I’ve checked under TOOLS-OPTIONS and I couldn’t find anything that would allow me to hide the tutorial from showing up when I start up Scrivener. Ideally I’d like to hide it for (possible) future reference instead of deleting the file.

Thanks in advance.

Just open another file and then close the tutorial.

Major Major,
I am doing that but when I reopen Scrivener the tutorial is there. It’s not a problem but it’s just something I’d like not to see when I open the program up.

Greatly appreciate the response my friend.

It should only open the last project that you had open when you quit Scrivener. Try leaving another project open (while the Tutorial project is not open), and click the X button to close the remaining Scrivener window. When you re-launch, it should open that last project, not the Tutorial.

Ding, Ding. Worked like a charm. I wonder why there isn’t the ability of hiding the tutorial within Scrivener; oh well.
Thanks for the help rdale.

Since the tutorial is just a project on your hard drive, I’m not sure what the benefit would be–or even what “hiding” would do. (Minimizing to the Windows start bar?)

You can go to Tools->Options->General and un-tick the “Reopen projects that were open on quit” if you don’t want the most recently open project to re-open next time.

I thought about un-ticking the aforementioned line item but then it would not open previously worked on projects, which I do want.
I probably should substitute the word “hide” for “disable”, so that after a user i finished viewing the tutorial, he/she can disable the tutorial from coming up every time you open Scrivener; of course, all this is a mute point after you showed me what to do.

Or one could say that the tutorial’s final lesson is in how to locate and rename or delete an old project you don’t want any longer. :mrgreen: