Hiding Scrivening line breaks?

Hello - my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I couldn’t find it.

Is it possible to hide the line breaks of each “scrivening” while in composite mode?

Screen shot 2011-07-25 at 5.59.12 PM.png
I’m working on a screenplay outline and had it broken down into 8 “sequences” (ie. 8 scrievenings). I just split those sequences into scenes and each sequence is now a folder with several scenes in it.

I’d love to either hide the scrivening line breaks OR just see the folder line breaks. (Ie. I would see 8 folder line breaks in my total composite, whereas right now I’d see like 50 or so with scenes.) It’s just a little daunting to see 3 lines of text then a big thick line break, etc. Each Scene Scrivening has a big bold title, so I wouldn’t get lost on which one I was working on at this point-

Under the Formatting tab of Scrivener>Preferences, check the box near the bottom to “Separate scrivenings with single line breaks.” That will change the divider to small crop marks in the corner and will trim the extra space added in the other version. There’s no way to use different dividers for different types of text documents when viewing them in Scrivener (although this is something you can do when you compile), but if you’re including your scene headings anyway it probably won’t be too difficult to tell the difference.

Wow that stinks. I personally hate these lines. Is there no way to hide them or at the very least make them a very light gray?

I just started using Scrivener, and I have to say it is rather annoying that you can’t completely do away with the separators. Especially because I use it mainly for Screenwriting, the separators are distracting.

This is an old thread.

In Scrivener 3, the Scrivener → Preferences → Appearance → Scrivenings → Options pane lets you choose from several different possible separators between files. I normally use the Corners separator, which is pretty subtle.

If you truly don’t want any separation at all, you can always merge the documents together. Documents → Merge.