Hiding the Editor?

I saw an older post saying this can’t be done. I’m hoping to hear a new answer telling me how to do it. This would be a deal breaker for me with this software. I am not trying to be difficult, but until I begin writing the document I do not need the editor and I do need the room hiding it would provide. I like the software otherwise and would like to keep using it. Please tell me how this can be done, or that this feature will be here soon. Also, please don’t tell me I really don’t need this feature. That’s something for me to decide, not someone else. Thanks!!!

View the outliner instead? I definitely recommend going through the interactive tutorial, which can be found by going to Help > Interactive Tutorial.

Huh? Of course you can hide the editor. Or, rather, replace it with either the corkboard or the outliner.

As Keith said, the tutorial is well worth the time it takes.


Thanks for the quick reply. I think the tutorial is a lot at once for many people. I have had family deaths etc this year and I am tired, so it was a lot to digest at once. Maybe I need to stick with the cork board and Binder for now.

I went to the tutorial to look up certain things like the outliner. It might help if you made each step less dependent on having done the previous step. That way it wouldn’t be so hard to come back and get a refresher on specific parts of the tutorial. Maybe this can’t be done, but I don’t always have time to set the tutorial over so the program is set up for the section to work.


In that case, have you checked out the video tutorials? You can find them here:


There are a couple of general video tutorials that are longer, but the rest are short and focussed. Also be sure to check out the tutorials we made for version 1.x on this page:


Although they are for the older version, they are still applicable, and there’s one on the outliner and synopses that you might find useful.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had deaths in the family this year.

All the best,

You speak so quickly I think I need a translator!!! :open_mouth:

I see what I need to do now. It will work very well. I have a few hundred notes and then chapters to put them in. I was trying to move the notes within the binder. I need to go through the cork board with notes selected and move the individual notes that way.

This will work well. Thanks for the patience.

Now I am getting away from topic. Hope you don’t mind or if I need to ask somewhere else you will tell me.

How can I create a new folder/chapter in Binder while I have notes selected and showing on the cork board. I am going through a few hundred notes on the cork board and putting them in chapters. I see I need a new chp. I want to create it, put the note in, and not lose my place in all of those notes.

Hi John,

You can use View>Editor>Lock in Place to set the editor so that clicking in the binder won’t affect the editor. The editor header will turn pink to indicate that it’s locked. (You can also access this command by clicking the document icon in the editor header–a drop-down menu will appear and Lock in Place is at the bottom.)