Hiding the Editor

I’m trying to co-ordinate what’s going on in the Binder with what’s going on in the Finder and screen real estate is currently limited. Is there some way to hide the Editor while I finish my transition from working mostly in Pages into working mostly in Scrivener?

No, there’s no way of doing this - seeing as Scrivener is a writing app, the editor area is always visible.

You can use the outline view, with just titles showing, and then hide the binder and the inspector. The only limitation is that you can’t really see the structure of both the Draft folder and the Research folder (or any multiple of the top-most folders in the binder). But if all you need to see is the Draft or Research folders, then the outline shows the structure too.

A trick I use when space is at a premium is to slide a part of an application off the screen if I don’t need it. In this case, I could slide Scrivener off to the right side of the screen, so that the editor was offscreen and just the binder is visible. That leaves a lot of space to the left for the Finder. The trick is to grab a part of the title bar that will still be visible after you’ve moved it off screen. By that I mean, you shouldn’t grab the right side of the window frame to drag it, because it will stop dragging as soon as your mouse reaches the right-hand side of the screen. If instead you choose a spot on the left side, then your mouse pointer never comes close to the edge.

If you have been using Project Search to help organise and verify what is imported or not, then you can temporarily hide the toolbar. Doing so will make the Project Search shortcut (Ctrl-Opt-F) present a popup window instead of moving the cursor to the toolbar.