Hiding the Title of a in-chapter sub-head?

Hi there.
this is my first post in the forum, so pardon me if i’m not doing something correctly.
I have begun using a “non-fiction manuscript with in-chapter sub-heads” template.
I have a folder (chapter 1) that ten has 2 text files in the folder. it looks like this:
----- Beginings [The Folder]
--------------- Quote [the first text file]
--------------- My Home Town [the second text file]
I’m trying to have the “Chapter: Name”; followed by a quote to start the chapter off; followed by the first Sub-head title, and the text of that underneath it.
So my question is, how can i kill the display of a Sub-Head for a text file?? (i’d love to keep a sub-head title listed in the binder; but i don’t want it listed when i compile the book/pdf.) in this case, I don’t want the Sub-Head of “Quote” before the quote.
Thanks for any advice anyone can suggest!! :slight_smile:

I think toggling “Compile As-Is” for the quote file will do what you need. This does one thing: it tells the Formatting compile option pane to not do whatever it would have otherwise done to the file. The Formatting compile pane is responsible for setting up headings, changing fonts, and a few other things. So telling a section to use As-Is just opts it out of all that, and thus it is a good measure for things like epigraphs, title pages, dedication pages and other things that don’t “fit in” with the normal treatment.

You can find this toggle in the Inspector while that quote file is selected.

Awesome AmberV!! Thanks so much for your help! You ROCK!!! :mrgreen: