Hiding toolbar shrinks the height of my working window

BUG: Hiding toolbar shrinks the height of my working window


  1. Open a working document, anything really, even a blank page.
  2. Hit COMMAND+OPTION+T to hide the toolbar
  3. Observe the height of the window adjusts to a smaller size based on the number of pixels hidden when hiding the toolbar

EXPECTED: When I decided to first try hiding the toolbar, I expected that the height of my window would actually remain the same as with the toolbar out, but that I’d have more Y-axis real estate with which to work (effectively increasing the height of the regular window to compensate for the fact that the toolbar is now hidden).

Loving most I’ve seen of Scrivener. This is the first thing I’ve found that’s given me pause.

I’ll reference other OS X apps I’ve used here, like Firefox and even Finder maintains almost the same Y-size. Based on my experience, the expected behavior when hitting the minimize button of a toolbar is that the window itself doesn’t shrink any (that is, if I have a ‘maximized’ window, it remains maximized) when I hide my toolbar.

Actually this is fairly standard (and definitely not a bug) - and the hiding of the toolbar is handled by OS X itself rather than Scrivener (and interestingly the apps you mention aren’t Cocoa-based, but Carbon-based, so it may be that OS X handles it differently in Cocoa than in Carbon, or that Carbon allows more control). Anyway, take a look at: Mail, Preview, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Bean, Camino, Fetch, Nisus Writer, OmniOutliner, Xcode and so on - all are Cocoa programs and all work the same way as Scrivener with regard to window size and toolbar closing.

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