HIDPI installed location?

Installed HIDPI beta version and now when it starts up a message appears stating it is not running from it’s installed location. If that is the case how is it running? What should be done?

Original version and ongoing beta versions run fine but this seems to be lost. It does run but the rest of that startup message appears very ominous!

If you right-click on the shortcut you click to launch Scrivener, or otherwise search your hard drive for scrivener.exe, you should be able to find it that way.

The message is occurring because you have two installations of the beta (the HiDPI and the regular), but only one instance of the program is recorded in the registry, thus only one of them is running from the “installed” path. It’s fine for your basic testing, but be aware that any program-level settings you make in one will affect the other instance also (e.g. the saved backup location, changes to the main toolbar appearance, etc.). When it comes time to upgrade or uninstall, you will need to uninstall the other version and then manually remove the second copy and install from the new download.

Thank you, MM for short. Clear concise explanation and Plan for hopefully near future install!