HiDPI issue on external monitor

Downloaded Scrivener 3 for Windows and love it. I found one screen resolution issue though. I’m working on a Microsoft Surface (HiDPI screen), and everything is fine there.

But I often dock the Surface on my desk. On the two external monitors, almost everything looks fine, except textboxes in the various screens and dialog boxes. Those are sized huge, vertical size twice or three times normal, and the font in the textboxes is correspondingly giant (16-18pt at least). This goes for all textboxes in Options and elsewhere, including the textboxes that come with dropdown lists. It also goes, for instance, for the vertical column of categories at the left side of the Options dialog.

This makes Scrivener 3 hard to use on these external displays. Can I do anything to ensure that the textbox sizes are okay on the external displays, but also on the Surface screen?

(There used to be a page in Scrivener support about working with a manifest file to ensure trouble-free operation on HiDPI screens, but that page seems to have disappeared.)