Hierarchal Keywords

Something that I am really liking is the ability to set up little keyword trees in the HUD. I can make a section for characters, metaphors, and so forth. However, it seems that this is largely cosmetic. Logically, if B and C are parts of A, then filtering by A should return both B and C documents. Since the filtering mechanism is basically just a shortcut to the standard search engine, this doesn’t really make hierarchal searches possible unless you clutter up the Keywords section with redundant entries. But, if keywords were stored internally with the full hierarchy, and only displayed with the unique tail, then it would be possible. For example, the keyword internally might look like: “Characters::Main::Zoetrope”, but appear as “Zoetrope” in the Keywords panel and meta-data exports. Searches for “Characters” would find “Zoetrope,” and “Enid,” and so forth.

Hmm, I don’t think I’m going to change this. The hierarchical list is really there so that you can throw all of your character names under a “characters” group and so forth. Your suggestion would mean altering the very way keywords work. I know this a little different to Aperture. :slight_smile:

I realize this is an old post, but I would like to add one more voice to the chorus advocating for true hierarchical treatment of keywords. Once the hierarchy is there in the keywords Inspector panel, the implication is exactly as Amber V describes: a search for A should find B and C as facets of A. Hierarchical classification is actually a thing in information management, and has been since 1952. There are rules. The rules give it power. So–realizing that implementation may of necessity remain a dream, I testify to the validity and value of the suggestion. Thank you.