Hierarchical/indented view in outliner?

I’d like the outliner to display files hierarchically (that is, with indents), but for some reason in v. 3 the outliner’s display is flat. The most it will show is stacked documents to indicate nested documents.

I’ve searched through the menu-based helped, looked through the settings (Preferences > Appearance > Outliner), and tinkered with the widgets above and below the main outliner window — no dice.

Yes, I know the Binder does this, but I’d like the outliner to do it. Didn’t it do this in v 2? Or am I dreaming?

Thanks for your help!

Make sure you’re not looking at a Collection in the Outliner, but the Binder or a subset of it.

You should see disclosure triangles for documents and folders with sub-documents. Click those to see the contents indented. Use the View -> Outline -> Expand All command to expand the whole structure.