Hierarchical numbering of three levels of chapters, e.g. 2.15.3

I`ve tried for a while to define section layouts for three levels of chapters and to automatically number the chapters and subchapters corresponding to the folder hierarchy. It works fine for chapter level 1 and 2, e.g.

  1. Introduction I placed <$n> in “Title options”
    1.1) Identification of the product I placed <$hn> in “Title options”
    But when I try to define a section layout for chapter level 3, e.g. 1.1.2), I always end up with only two levels. I tried nesting the <$hn> and <$hn_level2><$hn_level3> and such things, but nothing seems to work.
    Has anyone advice for me?

To whom it may concern. After several hours I found the correct solution by accident: just place <$hn> in “Title options” for every chapter level

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