Hierarchy of folders

Is there a way to give a folder higher status?

What I mean: for any publication, I’ll have a main Scrivener project, eg:

Swoop Magazine pieces

and under that I’ll have the usual Scrivener folders:


I also have a subfolder, called Prices and Deadlines, where I keep records of the agreed fee, word count and deadline for each piece commissioned by said Swoop Magazine.

I’d like this to have the same place in the hierarchy as Draft, Research and Trash, rather than being a subfolder of Research, as it is at the moment. Can I do this?

Sure, just drag it out into the blank area of the Binder and let go, you should see it appear at the top level. You can move it to the very top of the Binder, if you wish, or somewhere in between. You can also use Cmd-Ctrl-LeftArrow to move items up a notch (Right, Up and Down also work as you would expect them to).

Brilliant! Thanks!