High CPU usage with large project 8GB

Dear All,

I wonder if you can help me with a slight issue I am having.

I am using Scrivener to organise my PhD research as well as write my thesis and I have recently started to have a problem with the CPU usage on my Mac getting extremely high and the programme stalling for a few moments even whilst I do simple tasks like add text to a document. The file is quite large (just over 8GB) so I wonder if this might be why?

Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated.

Best wishes,


sheshhh… and I thought I was pushing the envelope with my 1.8GB project! :open_mouth:
In this day and age, there will always be someone else pushing harder! :laughing:

Maybe you can import files as alias to reduce the bulk?
As to myself, I am breaking up the monster into several smaller, more cudly cuties… :wink:

8 GB is kind of a lot…

As Fred suggested, I would definitely consider using aliases for your research material, particularly if you have video or other media files in there. I would also avoid large Scrivenings sessions: work with the smallest chunk of text you can, and place images in sub-documents of the main text files. The more of the project Scrivener has to load at once, the more unwieldy it will be.

With a project that large, you might also need to look at your overall system resources, particularly memory.