Higher contrast disclosure triangles in Binder

A purely cosmetic request: what if the disclosure triangles in the Binder turned white when their respective items are selected? Currently, when selected, the contrast between the grey triangle and the selection “bar” is irritatingly low, especially if you live in Graphite Appearance, as I do, and also because Scrivener uses the more contemporary “heavy” selection bar with the sexy gradient, which reduces the contrast further than the “flat” variety of source list selection.

I assume this is the default Cocoa widget, and am unsure how hard it is to create variations on it. I know, for example, that iPhoto (using Cocoa, I assume) lightly embosses its disclosure triangles to increase contrast during selection (which is an improvement), whereas the Finder and iTunes (both Carbon, I take it) render selected disclosure triangles in white, which I think is more useful.

Insane that I’m rabbiting on about disclosure triangles, buy hey, procrastination will do that to you :smiley:

Oh, I just discovered and unchecked the wonderful “Binder as Source LIst” preference, and have set the system highlight to something slightly lighter to increase the contrast. Nice!


This is actually something that has been done for the next update anyway, so whether you use “Binder as source list” or not, you will get the contrast in 1.5 (which will hopefully make beta status in November).

Thanks and all the best,