Highlight and move text very slow

When I highlight text and grab it to move, it takes too long before it will allow me to move it. Can this be speeded up?

Have you tried restarting the software? I just ran into a case like this a moment ago, where if I clicked down on selected text, it would take about a second and a half to turn into an arrow pointer and dragging would move the text rather than change the selection. The ordinary amount of delay is more along the lines of .3 seconds or so (just guessing, it’s a very small delay whatever it is).

I restarted the program, and now when I click on selected text it goes to an arrow pointer nearly immediately.

By the way, use TextEdit to gauge what things should act like in terms of how long you have to wait. Some people coming from Word are used to no delay at all, and so even the very tiny microsecond delay takes some adjustment. If it is that you are referring to, there is no way to change that. That is just how the Mac text engine works.