Highlight Binder sections containing search result

[Currently using Scrivener on Windows 7. Would like to use Scrivener 3 on Ubuntu Linux…]

I’m writing a non-fiction book on software development. The most challenging problem I have is figuring out how to coalesce multiple sections that contain overlapping discussions of the same thing. I can find them with a search - that’s easy! - but the binder then shows only sections containing text that the search found. This loses the context I need to know how to proceed with my writing. What would be really helpful would be a way to have the binder show the same display as before the search except displaying the identified sections with boldface names.

After you’ve run the search and the binder is displaying the results, select the full set of results and then right-click and choose Reveal in Binder. This will keep all the items selected while displaying them in context of the full binder. You could also use this multiple selection to temporarily give them a label (via the binder context menu) that would then remain even after you cleared the selection, if that’s helpful toward your organisation; then just remove the label once you’ve finished with it. You can show labels in the binder or outliner via options in the View > Use Label Color In > submenu.

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Taking this approach would never have occurred to me. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks, Jennifer - this is exactly what I needed! :slight_smile:

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