Highlight Changes in Compile?

I’m working on a project and have a couple of people who are giving me feedback along the way. As I worked my way through completing a first draft, it was easy to send them changes - just send new scenes as compiles. But now that I’m into the tweaking and revising, it would be quite helpful if there were a way to send them a version that highlights or somehow indicates the changes I’ve made. I know I can see the changes myself using Snapshop and Compare, but is there a way to export the comparison markdown for their viewing? Or is there another solution out there that I’m missing?

Thanks so much!

Make your changes using revision mode (in the Format menu). It uses a different colour for any text you add to your manuscript.

For other changes (such as deletions), annotate them using inline annotations. These will be converted to comments if you export to Word format.

Excellent! Thank you! Will those changes also go out on a .pdf export?

Yes, you will find that exported inline annotations can be exported to all of the formats, though the manner in which this is done will change to be appropriate for what the format (and our exporters) can handle. For PDF that will be red text enclosed in a bracket (you can specify which). Otherwise text colour used within the document will go through to the PDF output anyway by default. So if you use green text to denote additions in the editor, they’ll stay green on output.

And just in case you were not aware, you can set up all of this stuff in the Footnotes/Comments compile option pane. That is where you’d decide to print them or strip them out, as well as further options for some of the different file format choices. RTF, for example, supports a variety of ways you can export the comments with.