Highlight colour in Binder

For reasons I cannot fathom the highlight colour when selecting an item in the binder has changed to violet. Is there any way to modify the higlight colour when selecting an item in the binder? Label colours are a different matter.

I think this is the place to change it. (Did you select a new theme, perhaps?)

That’s the place thank you.

Not sure what did it. I changed one of the binder icons to a custom icon but that’s all. Had it been a theme change I could have understood whyit might produce this change, but an icon change shouldn’t cause problems.

Still, all appears OK now thanks.

Spoke too soon. When viewing the project on the Desktop the colour is the standard highlight colour that I use on that machine. Transfer the project to the laptop via Sync - or via thumb drive - and it reverts to violet.

Using the prefs as above the search results background colour is shown as violet on both machines. It’s the highlight colour - brown in the image above - that seems to be the problem.

Not the end of the world but it’s one of those irritating thing…


I am under the impression that the highlight colour is the colour set by the system, so I’d check under System Preferences/Settings on both machines to see if they’re set differently there.

If your two machines have different versions of MacOS, that might be a factor.

On the other hand, I’m happy to believe I may be completely wrong! I’m not at my computer at the moment to check.



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I can confirm that what Mark has said is correct. The highlight for selected items in the Binder is just the color of selected items as set in your macOS system settings.

See Apple > System Settings (aka Prefs) > Appearance > Accent Color

I was coming to the conclusion that it was a system problem and in fact that is the case. It’s also accounted for by differences in the two systems.

On the desktop machine I’m running Catalina, while the laptop is running Monterey. There are slight differences in: System Settings → General → Appearance → Accent Color setting. I’m suprised they don’t use the colour picker and allow you to choose your own colour. At least I now know where the ‘problem’ originates.

Perhaps they’ve altered them again, together with whatever other ‘improvements’ (aka ‘exciting new features’) we have to look forward to in tonights WWDC…