Highlight comments

A perfect addition to scrivener would be a highlight and comment feature like in acrobat professional.

you can make a comment in a small box that is attached to a highlighted section of the text

Scrivener has annotations. There have been many, many, many long discussions about the best way of doing this, and box-comments (and marginal notes a la Jer’s) have been rejected for many reasons discussed before…

If, on the other hand, you are talking about for PDF files, note that you can open up a PDF in its default editor by ctrl-clicking on in the binder and selecting Open In > External Editor. You can then use Preview or Acrobat to add comments and save it back into Scrivener.

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Thank you Keith for the hint. But how do you use the annotations. then I press the shortcut the the text get´s get but where to write the annotations ?

thank you in advance


Not sure I understood your question, but annotations and footnotes are ‘in-line’ with the rest of the text. You simply activate annotations via the shortcut, toolbar button, or menu selection, then type, then hit the shortcut again, toolbar button, or make the menu selection to toggle the annotation off. Or you can type the text then select and create your annotation (by shortcut, etc.).

I highly recommend reading through the tutorial. It is quite good and will give you all the basics, such as how to use annotations. Hope this helps.


Which is, for the most part, quite annoying. I’d like to see a comment feature like Apple’s “Pages”- a “sticky note” that refers to some part of the text, that can be turned on or off.

The current annotations/footnotes may be fine for some, but they’re highly annoying for me: In-line breaks up the reading/editing, whereas notes don’t.

An option to use the current system or a “Pages”-a-like system would be a great enhancement.

This is entirely subjective and many are happy with the current notes system. Some aren’t, but hey, I can’t please everybody. :slight_smile: If you find them annoying, don’t use them. The current system will not change. And certainly not to an Adobe Acrobat notes-style system.

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I wasn’t suggesting changing the current system, just adding a new option for those who want to view annotations differently. Those who prefer the present system can use it, those who don’t could have access to something else.

A “View Annotations Inline” or “View Annotations as Notes” preference, in other words.

Things like this are next-to-impossible to make “optional”. Like I say, this won’t change, but thanks for the feedback.
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Oh, but it’s just a small change, Keith! :wink:

Aperios, have you discovered the “ghost” annotations feature in the latest beta? (not 1.03, newer) It makes it much easier for your eye to skip over annotations because they are faded out, but a simple click inside brings them back to normal visibility for editing.

But the annotation feature in Preview is very primitive: too primitive, in my opinion, to be of any help.

And which of the endless stream of Adobe products exactly has an annotation feature? Acrobat Standard? Acrobat Pro? And it is really useful and userfriendly? My version of Acrobat reader (7.0.9), anyway, doesn’t have an annotation feature.

Timotheus, have you given Skim a try? It has a better annotation system than Preview, and yet is way lighter than Abode (you’d need the pro version anyway). And it’s free. I’ve made it my default pdf reader instead of Preview.

I’ll add a second vote for Skim. It’s very fast, light, and has good annotation features. I’ve made it my default PDF reader as well.


It’s my understanding that with Acrobat 8, the creator of a PDF - using one of the versions of Acrobat Pro 8 - can specify to allow comments, etc., or not. If the creator does allow them, then anyone with Acrobat Reader 8 will be able to comment, etc., on that PDF.

(I don’t have Acrobat Pro 8 for my Mac - I have 7 - but the above is my understanding of the situation.)

Confusing? Whew, then I don’t feel so alone. :wink:

Edited to add: Didn’t mean to hijack the thread. A part of me wants it all - linking anywhere, annotations however I want them, etc. - but another part, the smarter part, I think/hope, realizes that keeping it simple means that the structure of the info doesn’t get in the way of the information itself.


Simon: never heard of Skim. I’m going to give it a try: thanks for the tip!

Update: it took me less than ten minutes to see that Skim is a whole lot better than Preview. And it’s only version 0.3 … … and free!

Thanks again!