Highlight connections - feature request

would be great if I could highlight all the topics that are connected to a note when I click it with a key combination (and or fade the others).
just an idea
thanks mund
ps: and by the way, an IOS version!

While the connection line itself cannot be highlighted, notes connected to the current selection can be added to the selection, with Edit ▸ Select ▸ Connected Notes (Shift-Cmd-A). And there is also a variant that will recursively do so. For in-between cases: repeat the connect notes selection function the desired number of times.

perfect. very useful. thank you

I give my vote to this feature request.
:smiley: I think this will be a very useful feature!

To highlight a connection is like focusing your brain only on those connecting ideas. You’ll have a birds eye view on related words/topic instead of getting overwhelmed with entangled spider web of connections.

See my attached image for demo.

Just to be clear, we consider the selection method to be the answer to this request—that is how it has always been.

If you require further visual aid, I would suggest inverting your selection and fading the rest of the board (you can Undo when you are done). You might need to set up a custom shortcut for one of those, but I think this is a default sequence:

  1. ⇧⌘A (Select connections)
  2. ⇧⌘I (Invert selection)
  3. ⌥⌘F (Fade selected notes)
  4. ⌘D to clear selection.

That should provide an extremely clear view of what you want to focus on. :slight_smile: If you use macro software, consider bundling all of that into one keystroke.

Another approach is to copy and paste into a new board—it’s about the same number of steps, but the advantage is that you can set this “focus view” as a reference alongside the main board, and once you have that “scratch board” you can just drag and drop new clusters into it, and clear it when you’re done.

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Hi there,
I love Scapple and have been using it for my internal ‘brainstorming’ for software development.

We have a feature to ‘zoom to selection’. What happens is that on a complicated board, This still has a lot of distractions to allow the selection to be seen cleanly.

Can we have a similar feature where on the selection of a note and pressing a key combination, say, all the connected nodes will be selected and the rest will fade to 0.1 opacity? This key combination should be a toggle. Optionally another combination will combine this with the zoom to selection.

This would be super useful when presenting/discussing with other people where we can focus on related items.

thanks a lot.

Hello, I would love the ability to click a note and then have the main note and all its connected notes brought into focus while every other note in the document blurs or fades into the background. I have a rather crazy “spine” of an outline with each part of the spine having multiple twisting crazy connections and it would be nice to click a main note, see its various connections and nothing else.

Make your spine notes a link to a separate .scap which has all the detailed connections? That’s what I do.