Highlight current line / bold paragraph

Hi :slight_smile:

Would it please be possible to consider making whatever it is that makes the current paragraph boldish when highlight current line is on either optional or off ?

Each time (or too often, the least) I edit after a while, I have this thought: “Why do I have this turned off, already? So useful…”
And then I turn it on and remember why…

I don’t know for other users, I’m at 1920/1080/100%, and even with any of the hinting settings (or off) it makes the text quite hard to read. (Especially after a while…)

Thank you.

Calibri Light

Paragraph one is fine.
Paragraph two is not. That’s the one in which the current line is.
Bold text is fine. (At least for Courier and TNR. Calibri looks bad in bold, that’s just how it is.)

Courier new