Highlight current line enabled

Can somebody please show me how to “Highlight current line” option is enabled in the main editor appearance preferences?

Where is the main editor?
where is the appearance preferences?
where is the highlight current line?

If someone had been kind enough to say;
file/options/appearance/main editor/highlight current line
instead of main editor appearance preferences
it might’ve been able to be found easily.

Hi count prolific forum writers should accept the responsibility to be a little bit more precise in their comments.


Have you done the interactive tutorial?

This one?

main editor appearance preferences

I guess I must’ve missed it in these video tutorials.

I asked if you have done the built-in interactive tutorial, not if you have watched videos.
And your answer doesn’t answer my “why”.
Why should other users have to give long elaborate answers explaining details easily found in the interactive tutorial and the manual?

“With great power comes great responsiblity,” but what about little to no power? Is it not also a user’s responsibility to search the documentation and make use of available tutorials (such as the interactive tutorial project, found under Help and in the templates chooser)?

Boy, you guys are great. I appreciate your suggestions that I read the manual, read the interactive tutorials, and read the templates chooser.

I have read the manual several times and use search facility in my PDF app that is very good for searching on keywords and/or phrases. I have only read the interactive tutorial for parts I am trying to work with, but am now going through the entire interactive.

Can someone direct me in how to use the template chooser? I only set a template when I began the project, I chose Fiction, but if there are some hidden gems elsewhere I will gladly peruse!

By the way can someone please direct me to where File/Options/Appearance/Main Editor/ Highlight Current Line is mentioned in the Interactive Tutorial. Still not good enough to be able to ferret out all of these great features in Scrivener!

We visit the forum on our spare time and, therefore, have no obligation to either help or even answer. But we often choose to do so, anyhow. Just for the fun of it.
You found your answer, so why are you complaining?

Try File->New Project. That will bring up the template chooser. There are sections to it, including the first one, which features the Interactive Tutorial, and the manual, which is actually a PDF and not a Scrivener project at all. The Interactive Tutorial is just a project that happens to have a lot of pre-existing text, and is not intended as a starting point for writing.

A couple of things about templates:

  1. There are Document Templates, which exist within a project, and are used when you create new files in the binder.
  2. Our discussion here is about Project Templates, which are used when you create a new project, to give you a good starting point.
  3. Project templates aren’t applied to existing projects, they’re only available at project creation time.
  4. There’s nothing special about a project template. With enough know-how, you can transform any project, created from any template, into a different kind of project; Start with a Stage Play template, and you can modify the settings for writing novels, essay collections, cook books, technical manuals, etc…

There’s no harm in creating projects just to see how they’re set up–you can always just delete them when you’re done poking around. There’s usually a “how to use this project template” document at the top of the binder that gives a good overview of how to get started, what it brings to the table, etc… Most people don’t use more than a couple of the templates, and people like me tend to start fiddling with the structure and settings immediately, eventually creating custom templates that suit our own tastes.