Highlight header bar with one editor showing

I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find this being discussed… This is only a minor request, but would it be possible to use blue for a single editor header bar when it’s in focus?

When you’re in split editor mode, you can tell which editor you’re using because the relevant header bar is highlighted in blue.

When you’re only using one editor, however, the header bar is always grey (unless it’s locked). You can only tell the focus is in the editor because the format bar is active and the the binder focus line is grey.

If the format bar is hidden (or if you’re viewing a pdf file, where it’s never never active) and the ‘highlight’ line in the browser is not visible, it’s not possible to tell visually whether the browser or the editor has the focus (except that the comment icon becomes brighter for text documents, I suppose).

Occasionally this leads to typing keystrokes that get sent to the binder by mistake - e.g. I end up opening documents with quicklook rather than paging down the PDF I thought had focus.

It’s not a big thing, as I said, and there may be a reason for the current behaviour, but if not, would it be possible to highlight the single editor blue when it has focus?



Hmm, I prefer this as-is. The blue indicates which editor currently has the focus and will receive events from the binder (in normal circumstances), not whether the keyboard focus is in the text area or not. It indicates “current” editor (and when there is only one editor, that is always current so the blue has no meaning) not the keyboard focus, so this won’t be changing, sorry.

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Thanks for the quick reply - shouldn’t you be on holiday?

Fair enough - it’s your design decision.To be honest, though, I don’t really understand why not knowing where the keyboard focus is, is an advantage - surely the blue would indeed add meaning? It may not be part of the original concept (blue = which of the two editors), but I don’t see why having the single editor bar highlighted when it has focus undermines, rather than augments, that concept. Knowing where the keyboard focus is, I would have though, always useful (in fact, I’d ask for the inspector to do the same, but I think I know where that discussion would go… :smiley: )

But it’s only a (small) occasional issue and no big deal either way.

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I think the point is that at present, even in split screen with the blue header, there is no indication of where the keyboard focus is. You’ll notice that one of the editor panes when in split mode always keeps the blue header and underlined title regardless of where your cursor is (e.g. in the binder or inspector). So blue header doesn’t currently mean “keyboard focus” in any context.

Perhaps what you want to ask for is an added feature that would signify keyboard focus… :wink: (But that’s all up to you, I’m staying out of this! It will descend into madness. What sort of indication? How could it be not-confusing and elegant? How would you replicate it to all fields? Do a lot of users really have this issue? How much information is too much? Is it beer o’clock yet?)

Right, OK. First paragraph: I think I see now. Thanks, I was missing that.

Second paragraph - I’m not sure that knowing where the keyboard focus is is such a bad thing, and I think you’re rather over-estimating the proximity of the descent to madness here… :slight_smile: I can think of a couple of ways of indicating focus that are not necessarily confusing or inelegant - would depend on the implementation and the current situation also has some (mild) confusion (otherwise I wouldn’t have posted the request); don’t know - haven’t asked them all and don’t intend to do so; as long as a piece of string; not at 08:56 hrs and can I have whiskey instead?

Seriously, I do think there is a case for knowing where the keyboard focus is at all times, but Keith’s Mileage Clearly Varies and that’s fine by me… Unlike my children and my dog, I’ve learnt that not all Wishes can - or should - be fulfilled…

I shall now happily resume using Scrivener as my language learning tool. (PDF of the text in the upper editor, mp3 or my notes in the bottom editor, quickreference view of the grammar on the second monitor, shortcut keys to progress up and down the pdf file - it works really well [1])



[1] Except for the minor issue when I accidentally create a new quicklook window because I’ve lost track of where the keyboard focus is… :smiley:

As I say, the editor header bar isn’t intended as such an indicator. So, this won’t change. (You can always tell if your focus is in an editor by hitting an arrow key - if nothing happens in the editor, the focus isn’t there. :slight_smile: )

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Oh, I’d understood it wasn’t going to change! No problem and enjoy your break.



Thanks! Happy Christmas!
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