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I use Scrivener for my Ph.D. papers, basically in this way: other than make paper photocopies, I take pictures of the books I’m interested into and I import them in Scrivener. This way, wherever I go, as long as I have my MacBook, I have all the sources I need to write down my stuff, instead of roaming around with tons of photocopies. And thanks to the built-in zoom functionality, I don’t even have to struggle with Lilliputian text.
One thing paper still does best, though, is highligting portions of the text you want to remember for further readings (a thing that whoever writes academic papers ought to do very carefully). On this very forum I read that the upcoming (?) v. 2.0 will support PDF highlighting, which is breathtaking (I also use them a lot!); therefore, I’m asking if I can get it for JPG’s also.

Is that doable?

Thanks in advance for your attention

Le nez du chameau. :wink:

I need the Creator of Scrivener to be as gentle as the arab int the tent :wink:

Wow, I love that story. I think I’m going to have it sit at the top of the Wish List forum (and thank goodness for Google Translate, by the way).

Yeah, this is definitely a case of the camel’s nose, I’m afraid! The trouble is that it is quite a radically different thing to allow for the highlighting of images than that of text or PDFs. The Cocoa frameworks already have quite simple mechanisms to allow programmers to add highlighting to text and PDF files. To do so to an image would require writing image-editing code; in other words, starting down the Photoshop route. So I’m afraid this won’t be happening lest I end up sitting code outside of my erstwhile beloved tent. :slight_smile:

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PapZ, I know it’s an extra step, but since every OS-X application that can print can print to PDF, when you get your image of the text you photograph open in your photo editor, why don’t you simply print to PDF and import the PDF into Scrivener? Do that and you’ve got the highlighting facilities you need.