Highlight in different colors with keyboard

I like to use different highlight colors to represent different things, and it would be excellent to have the ability to use the keyboard to access the different colors instead of having to use the mouse.

For example, it could either be hot-keys mapped to each of the 5 colors in the palette, or maybe it could just be a check box, defaulted to “off” that would say something like “Shift-Cmd-H cycles through highlights”. If the box were “off” then Shift-Cmd-H would function as it does currently. If it were “on”, pressing Shift-Cmd-H twice would change the text to the second color, three times to the third and so on, and six times would un-highlight the text.

You can customise shortcuts in OS X’s Keyboard preference pane. Just click on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab in that pane, and then “Application Shortcuts” in the sidebar. For example (to add a shortcut to the Yellow Marker) follow these steps:

  1. Click the + button below the right list
  2. Select Scrivener in the “Application” drop-down
  3. Type in “Yellow Marker” for the menu title. This part is important, the name of the menu must be typed in completely and precisely, including capital letters, and the three dots at the end if applicable.
  4. Click into the keyboard shortcut field, and then press the keys you wish to use for this shortcut. If you accidentally press the wrong keys, you can try again by clicking back in this field and press the right combination.
  5. Click the “Add” button.

Now switch back to Scrivener and give it a shot. You could try using the Ctrl-# keys; I don’t believe they are in use by anything. I use those myself for the various revision levels.

Brilliant – it worked, thanks! Scrivener and OS X are quite a team.