Highlight keyboard shortcuts redux

Once again, the keyboard shortcuts for different colours of highlights have stopped working, though they show on the Edit menu.

I went to System Prefs / Keyboard / Keyboard Shortcuts but can’t see them there; nor can I see the old ± biz to add them. Wassup?

Did you reset your preferences recently? That will wipe out custom shortcuts, unfortunately. Regarding the system panel though, did you select the Applications choice in the left list?

No and no. And indeed when I do select Application Shortcuts in the left-hand list, there’s Scrivener, with all the highlight colours with shortcuts. But they don’t work in Scrivener.

Right, I used the “-” to get rid of them all, and entered them again. Now they work - but every time I reopen Scrivener, I have to use the menu item once before they’ll start to work, which is new. They used to work automatically all the time.

When you say it used to work that way how long ago do you mean? As far as I know this has been an issue with Scrivener for about a year. It has to do with how this menu is dynamically created. In Scrivener 1.x you could only ever have a set number of highlights. Dynamic menus on the Mac do not properly pre-configure requested shortcut modifications. They must be viewed by the user in order to set that stuff up, but as you note once you do that they work. It’s annoying, but there isn’t any way to fix it in Scrivener short of crippling the highlight feature.