Highlight names are different

I’ve been upgrading to 3.0 and I’m running into an issue that I’m hoping you can help with.

The highlight colors I’d defined in 2.0 only sort of came with the file. I haven’t yet followed the steps in the tutorial to run 2 and 3 concurrently so you can move settings over. Is that what I need to do? Or am I running into something different.

Screen shots in the linked folder below.

This isn’t specifically addressed in the migration guide you are referring to. I think what you might be observing here are differences in the default highlight colours. This trick works by matching colours, and if there is match then the menu name is changed to reflect the one you provide in the palette.

The easiest approach I think would be to go into ~/Library/Colors and rename Scrivener.clr to Scrivener 2.clr. That will cause neither program to use it to be clear, but your settings will remain available for reference. Then launch Scrivener 3 so that it creates a fresh new .clr file with the new colours and apply your changes to that.

Then, if you really wanted to keep custom names in Scrivener 2, what would work is to open the colour palette and switch to the Scrivener 2 swatch set, click on one of the colours, switch to the main Scrivener swatch set, and drag from the colour swatch at the bottom into the list. You’ll then have two yellow entries—one that works in 3 and the other that works in 2.

Thank you! That solved my issue. I was able to rename the colors with a fresh start. The colors of highlighted text seems to be somewhat messed up but I can go back and re-apply the new highlights to fix that.