Highlight not showing immediately

When selecting a word in Scrivener and highlighting it, the highlight does not show immediately. Only after clicking the cursor somewhere else then the highlight shows up. Is it possible to make the highlighting process something like in OSX Preview, that once highlight is applied to the selection of some words, the words will be immediately deselected, and the highlight shows up right away. Currently in Scrivener, this becomes a two step process, (1) apply highlight, (2) click somewhere else in order to deselect the selection, in order for the highlight to show up.

Is there an option to make the highlighting process like the way it is in Preview that highlighting a selection will deselect it at the same time?

I would counter that in the sense that I often find I want to retain the selection of the word/phrase/whatever for other purposes after I’ve highlighted it, and if the selection were lost it would be far more trouble re-instating it than it is to not be able to see the highlight until you click somewhere else or press an arrow key to move the cursor.

It’s also my guess that the current behaviour comes with the Apple Text system, of which Preview is not a part, I imagine.