Highlight of selected text not always visible


I am getting mixed results when I highlight selected text in the editor. Sometimes the highlight extends above the selection indication (the blue color by default), which is good, as it provides an indication that the highlight has been applied.

But not always! Sometimes the highlight is applied, but I won’t know until I deselect the text. I have also noticed in some cases that applying such a ‘low’ highlight (worried this gets confusing), lowers other highlights on the same line (I can see them jump from normal to slightly lower).

I have tried this on different paragraphs, at different places in the paragraph, but I cannot find a pattern. I did make some changes to the no-style style, to get a bit more spacing between lines and paragraphs. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

Not really in a position right now to do further research, but wanted to flag the issue. Perhaps someone else has seen it.

Umm, “No Style” is not a style but an absence of style, so when you change the default in the options, or under the project menu—I’m not at my computer at the moment and don’t remember the exact name—it doesn’t propagate through existing texts. You have to use Document > Convert > Text to Default Format, or whatever it is actually labelled.


Thanks for your reply.

However, the post is not about the actual style, or no-style, but about the visibility of highlights when made to text.

It seems there is an inconsistency there. At least to the user. Just confirmed this is still true in beta 20.