Highlight ON/OFF visible in text selection


This is really a Cocoa thing. Dunno how DevonThink got around it. I agree it is a little annoying. One thing I could do is just get rid of the selection and plonk the cursor at the end of the selection, but that might be annoying, too. So, not much joy on this one, I’m afraid.


If Apple come up with one. I don’t think it’s anything to sigh about, really, it’s hardly a big deal.

If one could ‘select’ a block of highlighted text by just clicking anywhere within the block (rather than clicking and dragging the cursor over it all), it would be possible to then de-highlight that block and see that the highlight colour had actually gone, without having to de-select first.

Does that make any sense? :unamused:

I know it would mean re-highlighting any of the text that one wants to remain highlighted, but, personally, I would find that preferable 8)

Is that possible, or off the planet, in programming terms?

Regards, Leigh

I’m glad Maria already pointed out the highlight problem. I don’t use highlight very much, so it usually takes me a couple of tries to get what I want highlighted, because the lack of visual feedback makes me think it’s not working. Here’s another hoping Apple gets this fixed.



Thanks for the tip, although I still get the problem of highlighting then un-highlighting when I use cmd-shift-h, or is the trick just to always hit cmd-shift-H twice?

(Somehow I feel that I’m making this much more complex than it needs to be. Didn’t I start by saying I “don’t use highlight very much”? Nonetheless, thanks for the tip, Maria.)


Just to clarify, if I recall correctly, the text view selection colour does not suport opacity. The obvious solution to this problem would be to make the selection colour transparent, so that you could see the highlighting beneath it, but this is not possible. I hope Apple address this. I know DevonThink has a workaround, but even that is a little clunky when you play with it (again, if I recall correctly), and I have no doubt that they had to do a lot of work just to get such a small feature that should really demand very little coding…

I just found that cmd-ctrl-0 turns off all highlighting, which perfectly matches the cmd-ctrl-1 through cmd-ctrl-5 of the colored highlights (surprising, that!). So, of course, I was making things more difficult than they should’ve been.

Nonetheless, I’d still like Apple to implement a visual cue.