Highlight past tense?

I have a terrible habit of switching tenses, usually to past tense. Is there a way to train Scrivener to slap me across the face when I use past tense?

I don’t know of one, though there’s a lot about Scrivener that I don’t know.

But can you imagine what it would take to train a writing program to recognize past tenses in English (which has a tremendously irregular “system” of past tenses) as you type? For instance, consider this sentence: “I have finished writing.” Does this mean “I possess finished writing” (present), or “I wrote something and I finished it” (past)? How could the software know?

I’m afraid you’ll have to just rely on carefully proofreading yourself; or perhaps hire a low-wage sadist with a boxing glove to read over your shoulder as you write. :laughing:

That’s probably a good reason to have an editor or beta to look over your work for mistakes. I think this is a common problem for all of us.

One day there will be, I’m sure, but I think we’re still in the infancy of computers recognize mistakes.