Highlight problems

I think Highlight function should be more “free”. For example if I highlighted a part of the text, and if I want to add some text or remove some, I have to precisely select the part I want. If I select a part of a text already highlighted to add text for example, highlight dissapears on the text already highlighted. And if I click again to reput the highlight (with the same selection) the highlight button doesn’t work… Well, I think the last point is a bug :=)


If you start your selection inside the highlight and expand, clicking the highlight button works the way you expect, adding the highlight; if you start outside the selection and move into the highlight, clicking the button will remove the highlight.

I’m not able to reproduce the last part though, where you attempt to reapply the highlight after it was removed and it doesn’t work. Could you give me the specific steps for that? After I’ve made the selection as described above and clicked the highlight button and the highlight is removed instead of added, if I click again the full selection gets highlighted as expected.

Thank you. I didn’t know that.

For the last part I precise I expand my selection out from a highlighted zone. The first click removes the highlight. If I click again, the highlight doesn’t come back. For that, I have to reselect the text…
But maybe it’s normal, I have a doubt know… ;=)

Just noticed something else: I removed the highlight from a paragraph. And know I can’t put the highlight anymore (with the same color as before). I have to select another color for that – before to reselect the first color -, and it works.
Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the bug on another part of the text…

I think I found what’s wrong:

  • Select a text paragraph (by double clicking on the text, it’s really important) and click on the highlight button > it highlights the text of the paragraph.

  • Then click on the highlight button again (by keeping the selection) > Nothing happens (text stays highlighted).

ONLY IF there is a blank line just after the highlighted paragraph:

  • At the step 2 (Then click on the highlight button again (without to remove the selection)) > it removes the highlight. Click again > nothing happens. You can’t highlight the text anymore. If you deselect it and reselect it by double clicking (as the 1st time) and click the highlight button it is still impossible to highlight the text – except if you change color.

When you select a part of the text by dragging the mouse, everything seems fine: clicking on the highlight button on a highlighted area removes the highlight. Click again makes the highlight reappears. And click again removes the highlight, etc.

Can you highlight research?
in My research folder I have imported webpages
I would like to highlight some content, but doesn’t let me …