Highlight question

I was doing some writing after selecting some documents and clicking the Edit Scrivening option so I could see all the selected documents at once. Great option! However, I noticed that I was not able to undo the higlighted textsections while in this mode. Is this a bug or is there a logical reason for this?


Hi, André,

Fellow Scriv user here. Point of clarification: Are you saying that when you are in Edit Scrivenings mode and apply a Highlight to some selected text, Undo does not undo the highlighting? Doing so works fine for me, so I wondered if I had understood the question properly.


what I did is this and I just tried it again and I get the same error:

In one document, I highlight some text. Then I select 3 documents and push the Edit Scrivener button. After that, I do a select all in the combined 3 documents in this mode, do a right mouse click to get the highlight menu and choose None. I only hear that little error noise from apple and nothing happens. even more, I cannot make a highlight at all in the selected text.


I figured out what is going on. It is not possible to select anything at the same time from two different documents in the Edit Scriveners mode and make a highlight on it, nor do a copy or delete. I can only edit text in any way or highlight it in one document at the time. Probably this is assumed to happen.


Exactly. This is covered in the FAQ, I believe. If you think about it, editing across ranges could be disastrous if it were allowed. Like I say, though, see the FAQ for why.
Glad you worked it out!
All the best,