Highlight searched words

My title may not describe what I am hoping to find as well I as I hope to.
I am hoping to be able to highlight a word and then have all instances of that word to appear highlighted. A bit like a programming text editor does by default.

The reasoning is to see when was the last time I had used an adjective or noun in the last paragraphs. I hate to repeat words but in the writing process I sometimes repeat them and then have to search for other instances to replace them with better less repetitive prose.

Does Scrivener have this feature, or something like it?

Scrivener has something like that. You can see how many times you wrote a certain word in the project (text statistic). You can also make a search for the word you want and it will appear highlighted in the text in all instances.
Hope this answers your question.

Hi Midi,
Can you tell me how this is done. I have tried the CTRL F for find, but it is not really offering the functionality I seek or you suggest.