Highlight selected words as they are typed

I find that I use certain words too frequently. I can always do a search for these after I finish a piece, but that is after the fact and not so great for helping me learn to avoid over use. Better would be ‘real time’ highlighting of troublesome words.

Would be great if Scrivener would let me create and maintain a short list of words (e.g., that, like, etc. ) which would automagically be highlighted as I typed them. Could keep it simple – just get yellow highlighting, no color picker, and a short list only to avoid slowing text entry. The highlighted text would be ignored when compiling or printing, as it is now (with option to show it, I believe).

I’ve tried using the Mac’s auto correct function for this purpose, but autocorrect doesn’t allow highlighting for the replacement word. I could have it do substitutions with all caps, but that’s a pain because it requires correction every time when that may not be appropriate.

(And I realize Scrivener uses the system autocorrect, which might make this more difficult to implement.)