Highlight Text / Change Cursor and Marked Text

I use the software “Notebook” from Circus-Ponies and they have a nice feature for highlighting.

Here is a short video the shows how it works:

  1. The cursor changes to a colored pen (choosen highlight color) when you press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[CMD]. Pressing the keys [1] … [6] changes the color of the pen. Hitting [H] adds the highlight, pressing [U] removes the highlight.

I know, this needs one keystroke more, but … I like it that way.

  1. Highlighting the marked text, changes the background color of the marked text instantly.

At this point Screvener still shows the highlighted text with the background color of the mark, not the highlight color. You have to move the cursor to see with what color you have highlighted the text.

I hope at least point 2 will make it into version 2 of Scrivener :wink:


I played with that in CPN some time ago, and it is pretty cool. I even messed around with putting it into Scrivener, but it never seemed to work quite right - I could be wrong but I believe they use a different text engine. I’m afraid that nothing like this is planned, though. Highlighting is improved for 2.0, working more like it does in Pages.

All the best,

Never mind. Did I already say “I love Scrivener”?


“I love Srivener!”

I recently configured a kludge that works a bit like the Circus Ponies highlighting on a multi-touch trackpad.
Turning on 3-finger drag in Trackpad System Prefs allows you to select text by just dragging (no need for a click). If you end the selection with a 3 finger click mapped to Command-Shift-H in the free BetterTouchTool, the selected text will be highlighted in the pre-selected colour.
Once you get used to it, the system is quick and efficient for doing a lot of highlighting.