Highlight text - Scroll Problem

Windows -

I click at the start of a sentence to do a normal drag to copy and paste.

It immediately begins to scroll and makes it impossible to stop at the end of the sentence to complete the copy/paste selection action.

This relates to all the highlighting of selections and is extremely frustrating. Highlighting triggers automatic scrolling, and there is no way to control it.

Did not have this problem in the previous version of Scrivener. I do not have this problem in Word or other software, so it is not my computer/mouse problem.

EDIT: I see this is happening only on existing Scrivener projects, not new ones.

Any suggestions to stop this behavior? Thank you.

Just wondering… It might be related to typewriter scrolling. Can you disable this and try if it still behaves the same? It’s under Options/ Editor/ Editor options.

Yes, typewriter scrolling was the problem. Thank you for suggesting that.

That makes typewriter mode great for free writing, but not useful for any kind of editing. Maybe that was the way it was intended to work, but it does limit productivity.