Highlight text

I am using Scrivener and Ulysses. Ulysses because there are a few things there I really love, that scrivener don’t have.

Highlighting text is one.

I suggest that you implement the functionality of highlighting text in a way that dim all other text, except the sentence, line or paragraph the cursor is inside. Sometimes it is good to highlight only the sentence one type or edit, sometimes the line and sometimes the paragraph. And, of course it should be easy to switch between the highlight methods.

I hope this can come to scrivener in a future update, then I would be one step closer to divert away from Ulysses totally.

The other step wold be ability to use markdown within Scrivener, but I guess that would be a long shot.

A) You can already set Scrivener to highlight the line the cursor is in.

B) Markdown capabilities are already built into Scrivener.

In short, Scrivener is your dream come true.

I know you can highlight current line in Scrivener.

What I ask for is a bit more elegant, something like the image below show highlight current line, and note the other lines are dimmed.

Her you can see the current sentence highlighted.

And here current paragraph highlighted.

My Scrivener dream is not yet true… :confused:

Secondly, I know I can export to multi-markdown format.

Question: Can I type (strong/bold) markdown (Italic) in Scrivener?

In that case how do you set it up?

Not sure what you are imagining, but the simple answer seems to be: of course you can type that and using multimarkdown compiling have it rendered as bold or italic text.

Thank you for pointing out that your dream is more elegant. Could you say more about why the additional highlighting features you point to are useful in a way that current facilities of Scrivener cannot match. I feel this would help your casemaking.

I think I would like to separate the two questions, One for highlighting which I try to explain here, and a new one for the markdown part.

We are all different, and our brains seems to work slightly different on each of us. I understand what I like, what I prefer, may not be what someone else would. What I am thinking of, is to get away distractions as much as possible.

When you are writing, or typing, as I call it, many would prefer to concentrate on one sentence or one paragraph, only. By dimming all surrounding text nearly away, you can obtain that. What Scrivener do today, it is to put a different background color on the line the cursor is inside. The surrounding text is still fully visible, and to many people including me, that is an distraction. Especially when one is in edit mode. In edit mode the best would be to be able to highlight one sentence at the time, and sometimes highlight current paragraph.

I know we are all different, what suits me, may not suit everyone else, but I do believe many would appreciate this functionality. And I do not think it is very difficult to achieve what I ask, but of course it has to be decided upon, planned and implemented amongst other things on people’s wish-list. Hopefully sometime in near future.

I also like the idea of dimming the surrounding text like this. When I’ve used this feature in other writing apps that have it, I typically preferred it at the paragraph level (not sentence level), but both would be great. It is helpful to focus on just the text you are writing/editing at that moment. I think Byword on the mac had this (haven’t used Byword in years, so I’m not 100% on that).

Regarding markdown – as noted, yes you can manually type in markdown-markup and then Scrivener’s compile process can output valid markdown files. HOWEVER, since you mention Ulysses, my guess is that you are looking for something a bit more, akin to what a “markdown editor” would have – syntax highlighting, automatically wrapping text with markup, displaying the text with the formatting applied as you edit (such as displaying italics when you surround text with asterisks), that sort of thing. Scrivener does NOT do this.

Personally, I don’t really like typing MD into the Scrivener editor – it just doesn’t feel suited for it, and I’m used to MD editors that help keep things on track (I write in MD for work using Sublime Text with MD plugins, and I’m very used to the various shortcuts for formatting…I rarely insert the formatting marks manually. So an editor that doesn’t do that throws me off!).

In Scrivener v3, you can type rich text and then convert it TO markdown as part of compile. This is an approach I’ve been experimenting with, because I like Scrivener’s organization capabilities over Ulysses.

It does get a bit complicated if you try to mix things (that is, some text formatted with rich text, and some formatted via markdown) so it is best to choose one or the other (IMO).