Highlight things in the binder

I think I’m using the right terminology for the left hand bar where my cards all appear while editing.

I just realized I have a bit that I need to come back to later, and while I can set a status or a label that’s very handy in the corkboard, I don’t have any visual cues on that list of cards. So I end up changing the card name to “THIS NEEDS WORK” or something else. I’d love to be able to control-click and assign a color to that note in the same way I can assign a color to a folder or a file in the greater OS.

Hi Brian,

Just turn on “Tint Icons with Label Color” in the View menu to apply the label colour to items in the binder. You can’t give them a separate colour because they are the same items that appear in the corkboard and outliner and you can only have one colour associated with each.


Ah! Thanks, Keith!