Highlight with noteation / popup

I have two fondest wishes for Scrivener for Windows. This is one of them.

When writing and especially when editing, it would be most helpful if I could select a word, a character, a phrase, or even a paragraph that I want or need to change, but I don’t want to destructively edit, rather I want to mark them for changes to be made. An example might be a sentence that needs to be changed, I select the entire sentence, right click the selection and choose HIGHLIGHT, I select a color I want and on that same menu that opens it also has “NOTATION” or “NOTE” as a button or selection. I could then left click NOTE or NOTATION and a new smaller window would open, maybe it looks like a Post-it Note, but it allows me to write a quick note about what I want to change for this selection and then save that entry for later editing. That note would be linked to that highlighted selection(Markup of some sort) . Once that is done, I would be able to do several things with that.

  1. I would have an option to reveal all of those notes at once so I can scroll through the document and view all of my perspective edits.
  2. I could make a duplicate, split the screen to reveal the notations and marks on one side while I make those noted changes on the duplicate.
  3. It would allow me to enter reminders about that selection that might be very important for editing.

I’m sure there are a lot of other ways I and others could make use of this feature if it is added.

Thank you and have a great day.

Isn’t this the Comment function? – Katherine