Highlighted text aware search (Find) fields.

When invoking the Find command (Mac Cmd-F) with a word highlighted in my text, I suggest that that word be automatically entered into the Find: field. If more than one word is highlighted, enter that entire phrase into the Find: box.

Without this function, I must Copy the word from where it is embedded in my text, Paste it into the Find: box, then start the search. It would be better to copy the word to the clipboard first, before invoking Find: command, but that seldom happens,

-The proposed change is a natural action that any user would expect happen.
-The extra key punching feels like wasted clumsy tweaking of the fiddly bits that can take me out of the mood.
-Again, an annoying nit.

Try cmd-E: Use Selection for Find

You can cmd-E then immediately cmd-G without opening the cmd-F dialogue, too.