Highlighted text in compiled documents

I’m just attempting to compile my first document written solely in Scrivener and it’s turned into a bit of a disaster.

Bot the mobi files and the Word document have a vivid yellow highlighter around the body text. There’s nothing to indicate this happening within the program but it’s there once I compile in any format in the document produced.

I’ve chased around in circles and asked everywhere but can’t find the magical ‘thing’ which needs clicking off.
I’ve struggled with this program from start to finish and purchased a course which went some way to helping me. Nothing seems to cover random, hideous highlighting which makes your eyes cross over in the finished document. :cry:

I’m using a PC, which means a heap of the online instructions cause more confusion than assistance. I’m also a bit of a technical thickie. Please let it be a button I can just click off.

Under the Compile > Transformations > Remove Highlighting
Just uncheck this one.

Thank you. You are my hero. It worked. :smiley: